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Victoria School, located at 40 Richmond Street in the City of Brantford consists of a 10‐room school built in 1897. 

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Victoria School was constructed to replace the North Ward or Albion Street School, with the intention to provide a place of elementary school education for generations of North Ward
children. The school, which was named in honor of the Queen’s diamond jubilee, is one of Brantford’s last remaining 19th century elementary school buildings and educated the city’s children for over 100 years before closing as an elementary school in 2002.  
The school was re-purposed as an Alternative Education school offering secondary education program for struggling students and continuing education program for adult student from September 2003 to September 2007.
In Sept. 2007, the school served as an auxiliary secondary school campus for Brantford Collegiate Institute (BCI) during the extensive renovation and rebuilding of BCI. All classrooms plus four portable classrooms that were placed on the property served as the BCI satellite campus until Sept. 2011. The Grand Erie District School Board declared the school surplus to its accommodation needs and offered the property for sale in 2012.
Left is a postcard in 1920' with the school building and member of Brantford Board of Education in early 1900'. Mary Colter, fourth from the left, was the first principal of Victoria School, and she was in the position for over thirty years.    

Future Art Center in Victoria School

Design or Physical Value:

The scale and craftsmanship of the building speaks to the era of prosperity Brantford was experiencing at the time of construction. Architect Beaumont Jarvis designed Victoria School in the Neoclassical style. The school is the only known example of his work in the city. 
The building is a square floor plan with a unique recessed entrance and balcony above. All walls are constructed of red brick resting on top of a raised basement foundation of broken range limestone‐ providing the already imposing structure with additional height. A distinctive feature of both the east and west facades are shed roof basement entrances also made of limestone and adorned with pilasters. 
The craftsmanship is most outstanding at the top of the building where a complex hip roof with pediments and intricate ornamentation along the eaves and cornice make the building instantly recognizable.  
Contextual Value:
Bound by three public streets, a park, and fronted by a large lawn, the ornamented two‐story school is a landmark in a neighborhood comprised of modest two and one story homes. The school is the largest building in the neighborhood with fine craftsmanship and detail evident on all street‐facing facades.

Our Mission

Victoria School recognizes the importance and value of every person completing a secondary education. Our commitment as a school is to reach every one of our students to help them achieve success in their Victoria School experience. Our mission is to provide a truly inspiring online learning experience for our students.

Our Values

Victoria School is an inclusive learning community focused on intellectual growth, individual development, and provision of an outstanding education for individuals within a diverse student population. Victoria School believes that integrity, respect, and responsibility are essential to accomplish its mission and to sustain its vision.

Our School

Victoria School is a private, asynchronous, online high school which offers students around all over the world an opportunity to earn credits toward their OSSD. A team of highly, qualified Ontario- certified teachers develop and instruct meaningful academic courses not only to allow students to be successful in achieving their OSSD but also to prepare them for post-secondary school. Victoria School prioritizes accommodation for all learners to empower them to experience success in the online environment.

Victoria School on Postcards

1903 Postcard

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1913 Postcard