A prep school, more formally known as a university-preparatory school or college-preparatory school, is a secondary school, either public or private, which has added more advanced placement courses that are designed to prepare students for a college or university education.
In Canada, prep schools are mainly funded by tuition fees and philanthropic donations. There are four categories of prep schools: day schools, boarding schools, co-educational schools (both girls and boys) or single-sex schools (only girls or boys). 
There are many top-tier prep schools in Canada, and all are know for their selective admissions process, challenging academics, and reputations for sending students to highly selective colleges and universities all over the world. 

Tuition is expensive in the top-tier prep schools, normally between $18,000 and $35,000 a year, with at least $10,000 extra for boarding students. Because of their financial resources, top-tier prep schools usually have more funds for sizable investments in school facilities and equipment such as library, laboratories, and gymnasiums. In addition, their resources also allow prep schools to hire more experienced teachers with higher-level degrees, usually Master's or Ph.Ds.            
Many Canadian prep schools accept international students, with the hope of additional fundings and diversity of the schools. Along with the globalization and economical requirements in the last decade, prep schools have extended their recruitment activities to Europe, South America, and Asia. Some of them have set up offices or hired agents to generate school awareness, and lots of prep schools select to attend educational expo in other countries.
In order to get more financial resources and help to make students in public secondary schools more global, many school boards across the country start to select public schools to accept international students. Even through public secondary schools are not typical prep schools, the advanced placement courses and university application advisory have made them great places in university placement and career selention.       
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