Membership Requirements

All schools seeking membership in the CFUPS must meet the listed requirements, be in agreement with the mission statement and support the objectives of the CFUPS. Please download the application form ans send it to CFUPS. 

1) Make application for membership in writing

2) Provide university or college preparatory courses

3) Accept international students 

4) Meet all legislative and regulatory requirements

5) Pay registration fees to register

6) Pay membership fees annually


Mission Statement

CFUPS's mission is to represent the interests and concerns of its member schools, and promote its member schools internationally. The CFUPS seeks to accomplish this by organizing International Recruitment Roadshows periodically, publishing Canada Preparatory School Guide annually, and hosting Prep School Principal Conference. 
Application Process
All schools wishing to apply for membership should fill out the application form that states the school’s desire to be considered for membership and is in agreement with the mission statement and supports the objectives of the CFUPS. The application form along with other school information will be submitted to the CFUPS Board of Directors for approval. Once the school is apprived by the Board of Directors we will contact your school and issue you an invoice for one-time registration fee and membership fees for the first year. We also require more school information for the "Member School Profile" in our website.
Registration Fee
Schools that apply for membership must pay registration fee $1,000.     
Membership Fees
The annual membership fees is based on the school enrolments. The current membership fee is $4.50 per pupil per year.
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