CFUPS privides the lists of both private and public prep schools in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. We will add more prep schools in other provinces.
Most private prep schools are boarding schools that provide boarding service to students. Provincial Ministries of Education provide homestay services for students who are accepted by their public secondary schools.
The choice of applying private or public schools is totally upon students and their parents' decision. Some said private schools are better because of the high tuition paid for excellent facilities and experienced teachers. The others like public schools because of the low tuition fee, diversified studying environment and possible higher rate to get the study permit.   

Still others prefer single-sex private schools as they provide a comfort studying and living environment for the girls or boys. No matter how people emphasize their personal tastes, Canadian prep education, private and public, is one of the best education system in the world, and it is really worth for foreign students to apply.  
The following are list of private and public schools in the three provinces. We will add more links and detailed information so foerign students could find out acceptance requirement and application procedure easier and faster.    
Alberta Private Prep Schools
BC Public Prep Schools
Alberta Public Prep Schools
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