Preparing for applying to universities or colleges is not easy, and in many situations students need extra help in their preparation.  
For foreign students with English as a second language, special training in and practice of English is even more important than other courses. We know how difficult it can be for foreign students to find suitable tutors in Canada. For students who plan to go to the States, they also have to take the SAT and other standardized exams, adding to their difficulties.
This is why we privide our free "Tutor Finder" service for students in the preparatory periods. Tutors who want to add the names and service information on the list please email to us, and we will contact you to varify your information and experience. 

With over 1,100 service centers across United States and Canada, Sylvan provides tutoring service in the subjects of Reading, Writing, Math, Study Skills, SAT and ACT prep, and Academic Camps.    
Tutor Doctor provides in-home, one-on-one tutoring service cross Canada and other 4 countries. If you are interested in being a tutor in your expertised subject, there is also an opportunity at Tutor Doctor. 
An Ontario based tutoring company that has been operating sonce 2001, Summit has 16 learning centers in 15 Ontario cities. The tutoring company now specializes in offering innovative after-school learning programs for high school and college students.
Call 1-877-356-3343 for locations
Oxford Learning puts all the outcomes, high self-esteem, an active, agile mind, and an understanding of how to study, learn and think, together within its cognitive approach to learning. Oxford focus on helping students learn how to learn life-long tools.
Academy for Math and English is an organization with 28 years of international experience in assisting students of all levels of ability in Mathematics, Language Arts (English), Chemistry, and Physics. 
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